You know languages of winds

23 апреля 2012 - Adelina

You know languages of winds,

but only freedom everywhere.

The sky is clear again. It means

what sun and liberty together.


But I am lynx, and you my light,

light for sunflowers and mornings.

And every days and every nights

you name as secret I am calling.


You give me wings and I am fly

for you and don’t afraid of fire.

 The gloom was died. I know why.

Because the darkness it is mire.


«Today» , «tomorrow» for us…

 And «yesterday» … was stay in letters

to dreams. The sky has many eyes.

And even you, please, don’t forget it.


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0 # 18 августа 2012 в 12:08 0
Небо имеет много глаз... Имеющий глаза, да увидит...
Пусть это подсолнухи:  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile