11 апреля 2012 -

Перевод моего стиха "Солнечный заяц". Переведено самолично.
Редактор: Бенжамин Норрис (Великобритания) 



As I ran to my beloved,

The names of the gods fell from my mind -

Yet he is so nimble! So glowing with pride!

My breath’s sounds

Joined the group

Of a twisted ring,

Of agallows’ loop,

One that burns on high.


I shouted aloud: “Stop! Wait a moment!”

Only to be beaten by

The cold sparks

That fall as acid rain -

See the lilies that lie

In the desire' parks

Have all withered and died again


I shouted, and my voice was carried downstream:

“Help me! Save me from this scream!"

I cried: “Give me your hand!”

But he turned, ran away

Whispering to me from the edge of this land.

He shouted,

turning away from the words

He shouted “Run!

Run with me! Climb up here,

Reach higher, grow stronger, and be brave!

Only then, my dear,

Will you and I

Forge our union in the skies.”

His words echoed in

A ruined city of flies.

In this city, sunk in the holes of a lie...

Lie breathlessly, a denudation of vice!


In the smoke of lips, died,

In agonising noise!

That city chose suicide

by the tubes’ silent voice

And the long, rusted knife!

Yet I see my dear high above,

he stood naked, alive

With dilated white pupils,

Refracting the light.

Laughing, now running

‘neath clouds undersides.


He climbed up and over

Black pieces, dead tonnes,

Over ruins in a coma,

Over ruins entranced.

He climbed higher to show me that

There, above...

Only one thing

The womb, the slough

Through the mists of the burning -

empty barricades.

He climbed up to show me

the bleeding final sun’s date.

He called to me, waving his arms,

throwing down shades, as light does its dance

Over numb stones,

On scrawled-over loopholes!

Death’s own calligraphy

amongst statuesque souls,

Etched me a path by the setting sun,

I climbed, shatter to shatter, one by one,

Clinging hard to nails, lacking in trust!

With hacking breaths in corrosive dust,

Covering all trace

of the past.


I broke my limbs

On the verge of faith,

Climbing from blade to blade,

and tossed belly up

From there to your face!

I climbed on the threads of fear,

On the footsteps of his

White, luminous thighs.

Yet, upstairs... here!

I saw not the sunset!

The ringing, the dead,

The darkness falling from gods’ lofty heights

Straight into my gaze, straight into my eyes!

I found myself dead, I have died inside,

And you whispered in echoes,

Dissolving in the light:

See... See!”


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